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       Nanhai, Foshan City, never Kone Elevator Parts Factory is located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland, located in Guangzhou, Foshan between the two cities, our factory was established in 1998, covers an area of 5,000 square meters, specializing in the production overspeed governor, safety gear, rope clip , hydraulic lift buffer and other security components, and other accessory products.
        In recent years, we have rapid development, has introduced various types of large-scale milling, boring and other processing equipment, and trained a stable of hard-working skilled workers, to further improve the process quality assurance system, strengthen staff awareness of product quality to make our products quality on the new class. In the production of elevator parts, based on the use of their own high-precision equipment, we also undertake external mechanical processing, in order to Guangri elevator, Hitachi Elevator traction elevator companies such as processing chassis body, also other clients to provide efficient, accurate, high-quality services.
      Holds "treat people with sincerity, quality first" business philosophy, Wing Kone Elevator Parts Factory is willing to cooperate with you, a total plan development, and create a better tomorrow.

  ADD:Table Hung Kau Chau Industrial Zone,Summer North,Pingzhou,Nanhai District, Foshan City,    TEL:0757-86777004     FAX:0757-86768513